Fabrication and Study of the Effect of Mn-Substituted Ba-Zn Nanoferrites on the Enrichment of Structural Properties


  • Azmi A. M. Othman Sana'a University
  • A.H. Al-Hammadi Sana'a University
  • Sadiq. H. Khoreem Sana'a University




Mn-substituted, Ba-Zn ferrites , lattice parameters, structural properties, Specific surface area, Porosity


In this study, we investigated the effect of Mn doping on the structural properties of barium-zinc ferrites (BZF-NPs) synthesized using the traditional ceramic method. X-ray diffraction (XRD) was used to analyze the structural characteristics of the BZF-NPs, including the structural phases, crystallite size, and lattice parameters. In addition, various physical properties, such as bulk density, X-ray density, porosity, and specific surface area, were investigated. The XRD analysis of the samples revealed that the lattice parameters of the hexagonal M-type structure of the BZF-NPs decreased as the concentration of Mn+2 ions increased. In addition, the average crystallite size of the samples decreased from 52 to 42 nm with increasing Mn+2 concentration. The c/a parameter ratio indicates the formation of a magneto-plumbite structure. Moreover, we found that both the X-ray and bulk densities increased with increasing Mn+2 concentration. This behavior can be attributed to the difference in ionic radii between the donor Mn+2 ions and the host Fe+3 and Zn+2 ions. However, it was observed that the porosity increased with increasing Mn+2 concentration, in contrast to the bulk density behavior. Furthermore, it was observed that as the crystallite size increased, the surface area decreased. This trend can be attributed to the fact that larger crystallites have fewer surface atoms. Finally, it was noted that the bond lengths for both tetrahedral and octahedral structures decreased with increasing Mn2+ ion concentration. Overall, these results provide insights into the impact of Mn+2 ion doping on the structural and physical properties of BZF-NPs and highlight the potential applications of these materials in various fields.


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Othman, A. A. M., Al-Hammadi, A., & Khoreem, S. H. (2023). Fabrication and Study of the Effect of Mn-Substituted Ba-Zn Nanoferrites on the Enrichment of Structural Properties. Sana’a University Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, 1(2). https://doi.org/10.59628/jast.v1i2.281

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