Structural,Spectral and Electrical Properties of BaNi2-xZnxFe16O27 Nanoparticles Ferrites


  • Sadiq. H. Khoreem
  • A. H. AL-Hammadi



Barium ferrite, Band gaps, Fourier transforms infrared, AC conductivity, Zinc substitution


In the current study, w-type BNF-NPs synthesis via ceramic method.the effects of zinc ions doping on the physical properties of BNF-NPs were analyzed. The formation of BNF-NPs  emphasized by XRD, FTIR, UV-Visible spectroscopy and electrical conductivity measurement. The phases structure , crysttallite size and lattice  parameters wrere evaluated using XRD results.  Hexagonal structure with a single phase apeares, the average grain size was found to be  in Nano scale from 32 to 34 nm, while the lattice parameters increased slolly as  the doping concentration of zinc ions increases. The spectra of  FTIR  showed main absorption  bands which confirmed formation of hexagonal ferrite phase. UV-VIS analysis was also performed and found that the band gaps were in the semiconducting region and increased with increasing zinc concentration. The AC conductivity of the samples decreased with increasing zinc content and showed a dependence on  the frequency and temperature. Additionally, as frequency increase the σac conductivity showed dispersion that decreased as temperature increased.dispersion decreases as the temperature increases.





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Sadiq. H. Khoreem



A. H. AL-Hammadi

أ.م.د. عبدالحكيم احمد الحمادي

فيزياء الجوامد

قسم الفيزياء -كلية العلوم

جامعة صنعاء





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Khoreem, S., & AL-Hammadi, A.- hakeem. (2023). Structural,Spectral and Electrical Properties of BaNi2-xZnxFe16O27 Nanoparticles Ferrites. Sana’a University Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, 1(1).

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