Quantum Effects on Cylindrical Dust-ion Acoustic Waves in a Semiclassical Dense Dusty Plasma


  • Ibrahim G. H Loqman
  • Mahmood Ahmed Hassan Khaled
  • Khauther Alkuhlani




Dust ion acoustic waves, Nebulon structures, Dense dusty plasma


The nonlinear cylindrical dust ion acoustic waves are studied in a collisional unmagnetized dense dusty plasma medium containing inertialess degenerated electrons and positrons, fluid ions, negatively charged dust fluid and neutrals in the background, including exchange-correlation effects of both electrons and positrons. Employing the reductive perturbation method, the damped Kadomstev–Petviashvili equation is derived in the framework of two-dimensional cylindrical geometry. An approximate analytical solution of this equation is also discussed. The quantum and geometrical effects on the dust ion acoustic waves have been investigated. It is found that the dust ion acoustic wave is modified by quantum diffraction, Fermi statistics and exchange-correlation potential. Moreover, it has been found that the nebulon structures of quantum dust ions acoustic wave are formed due to the Cartesian geometry and the transverse perturbation. It is also observed that the nebulon structure is significantly modified by the exchange-correlation effects.


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Loqman, I. G. H., Khaled, M. A. H., & Alkuhlani, K. (2023). Quantum Effects on Cylindrical Dust-ion Acoustic Waves in a Semiclassical Dense Dusty Plasma. Sana’a University Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, 1(1). https://doi.org/10.59628/jast.v1i1.51

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